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Marine Beam Engine - Drawings Set

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Marine Beam Engine - Drawings Set
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Detailed drawing package covers machining and assembling the model Marine Beam engine.




  • Marine walking beam engines built in the mid-nineteenth century were massive pieces of machinery towering 40 to 50 feet high from the bed plate to the top of the beam and weighing many tons.  This model is a true working model, complete with condenser and air pumps.  These original engines typically ran very slow, in the range of 30 RPM, which made them ideal for turning the large paddle wheels on side wheel steamers.  Our model drawings include the feathering paddle wheels that would have been on the side wheel steamers of the time.
  • This drawing package for the Marine Beam Engine is a copy of the original hand drawn engineering drawings made by the people who developed this model. There are also drawings for special drill templates and cutters used to make the original engine.


  • Scale: About 1/12 inch = 1 foot
  • Cylinder bore: 4.5 inches
  • Cylinder stroke: 9 inches
  • Paddlewheel diameter: 24 inches
  • Overall finished height: 41 inches


  • 42 sheets of copies of original hand drawings including machining and assembly details, special tooling details, and section views to aid assembly. Most drawings are C size, with 2 full size drawings for the engine frame and several drawings larger than C size
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